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Sniper Elite (2005)

Sniper Elite is a third person action game set against the backdrop of a nearly completed destroyed 1945 Berlin. As a disguised agent, your sniper rifle is your weapon of choice.

Watch Gameplay :

Download Compress File (7z) ( split files, Join with HJSplit ) :

Part1   (200 MB)
Part2   (200 MB)
Part3   (200 MB)
Part4   (200 MB)
Part5   (200 MB)
Part6   (200 MB)
Part7   (200 MB)
Part8   (200 MB)
Part9   (200 MB)
Part10   (114 MB)


- Extract SE.7z with Winrar
- Click sniper.reg
- Click SniperElite.exe to Play

Selasa, 01 Oktober 2013

Police Quest Swat 1 & 2 (2 in 1)

Watch Game Play :

Watch Game Play :

Download Exe ( split files, Join with HJSplit ) :

PART1 (100 MB)
PART2 (100 MB)
PART3 (100 MB)
PART4 (100 MB)
PART5 (100 MB)
PART6 (100 MB)
PART7 (100 MB)
PART8 (100 MB)
PART9 (100 MB)
PART10 (100 MB)
PART11 (100 MB)
PART12 (100 MB)
PART13 (100 MB)
PART14 (100 MB)
PART15 (100 MB)
PART16 (100 MB)
PART17 (100 MB)
PART18 (100 MB)
PART19 (100 MB)
PART20 (100 MB)

- Join EXE split files with HJSplit
- Click setup.exe

Senin, 02 September 2013

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon : Island Thunder (2002)

In 2010, two years after the events of Ghost Recon, and one year after the events of Desert Siege, Cuba is free, or at least it's supposed to be. Since Fidel Castro's death [in the storyline] in 2006, the island of Cuba is wary of the communist rule it had been under for nearly 50 years. It's time for the first free and open elections since Carlos Prio Socarras, who was overthrown by Batista in the early 1950s. The FDG (El Frente Democratico de la Gente or People's Democratic Front) has fronted a man named Ariel Priego as their candidate. The FDG are an outspoken anti-American political faction that wishes to return Cuba to its long-standing communist dictatorship. Although the FDG publicly denies utilizing violence as a means of coercion, the reality is quite the contrary, as the Ghosts quickly discover. Now it is up to them to set things right again, without making it appear that the United States is getting its hands too dirty, and ensuring the elections proceed smoothly.

The first few missions see the Ghosts conducting operations against arms and drug shipping operations by agents and allies of Priego, the ultimate aim being to prevent any strong-arming of voters on election day. When election day comes, the Ghosts are responsible for protecting a voting center in Havana, a task that proves none too easy as men loyal to Priego assault the building and take hostages elsewhere in the city. Unsurprisingly, Priego loses the election badly. Becoming desperate, he asks for help from his backers in Colombia, and FARC sends in hired soldiers to take Cuba by force. The Ghosts assist in defeating this effort, and FARC soon decides to cut its losses.

Running out of allies, time, and options, Priego flees to an old fortress in a hilled section of Cuba. The Ghosts are ordered to assault the fortress and capture Priego alive. If he is killed, he could be made into a martyr all too easily, something that would be highly detrimental to the new Cuban government. The Ghosts succeed, destroying a helicopter that Priego had intended to use for his escape. Trapped and with his remaining soldiers killed, Priego surrenders.

Watch GamePlay :

Download ISO ( split files, Join with HJSplit ) :

- Install :  Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon First !!
- Join ISO split files with HJSplit
- Mount ISO file with Daemon Tools Lite
- Click Setup.exe, Install
- Play !!! ( notes :Do not mount ISO )

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon : Desert Siege (2002)

In 2009, nearly one year after the events of Ghost Recon, old hostilities between Eritrea and Ethiopia have resurfaced. Colonel Tesfaye Wolde of the Ethiopian military had participated in illegal arms trades with Russian ultra-nationalists, who were selling arms at low prices to finance their coup d'├ętat the previous year. Sparing no time at all, Colonel Wolde, with a newly refurbished arsenal, overthrows the Ethiopian government and seizes the opportunity to reclaim Eritrea, which gained its independence in 1993. The situation garners international interest when the conflict threatens shipping lanes in the Red Sea. In response to a plea from the Eritrean government for international support, the United States mobilizes the Ghosts, to stop Colonel Wolde from advancing any further.

Watch GamePlay :

Download ISO ( split files, Join with HJSplit ) :

- Install :  Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon First !!
- Join ISO split files with HJSplit
- Mount ISO file with Daemon Tools Lite
- Click Setup.exe, Install
- Play !!! ( notes :Do not mount ISO )

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon (2001)

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon (also known as simply Ghost Recon) is a tactical shooter video game developed by Red Storm Entertainment, a Ubisoft subsidiary, and published by Ubisoft in 2001 for Microsoft Windows. It was ported to Mac OS, PlayStation 2 and Xbox in 2002 and to the Nintendo GameCube in 2003. Ports for N-Gage and Game Boy Advance were planned, but later canceled.[8]

Together with Rainbow Six game industry experts generally credit Ghost Recon with defining and refining the tactical shooter genre.

Unlike Clancy's other tactical shooter series, Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon is not based on any of his books.

Ghost Recon's success has spawned 2 expansion packs, Desert Siege and Island Thunder, as well as numerous sequels for video game consoles and the PC.

Watch Game Play :

Minimum PC requirements

Windows 2000 or better
Pentium II 450 MHz processor
128 MB of RAM
DirectX 8.0 or higher (included on CD) (must have compatible sound card)
16 MB VRAM 3D graphics card compatible with DirectX 8.0
1 GB hard drive space
Internet/network with TCP/IP connection at 28.8 kbit/s

Download ISO ( split files, Join with HJSplit ) :

GRecon.iso.001 (100 MB)
GRecon.iso.002 (100 MB)
GRecon.iso.003 (100 MB)
GRecon.iso.004 (100 MB)
GRecon.iso.005 (100 MB)
GRecon.iso.006 (100 MB)
GRecon.iso.007 (  29 MB)


- Join ISO split files with HJSplit
- Mount ISO file with Daemon Tools Lite
- Click Setup.exe, Install
- Go to folder nocd1.4 crack & ptaches
- Install Patch 1.3 then 1.4
- Rename your GhostRecon.exe file to GhostRecon.exe.orig for a backup.
- Unzip the GhostRecon.exe from ( GHOST.RECON.14.ENG.NOCD.ZIP) to your Ghost Recon  folder. 
- Play !!! ( notes :Do not mount ISO )

Close Combat: Last Stand Arnhem

Close Combat – Last Stand Arnhem is a highly enhanced new release of Close Combat, using the latest Close Combat engine with many additional improvements.  Its design is based on the critically acclaimed Close Combat – A Bridge Too Far, originally developed by Atomic Games, as well as the more recent Close Combat: The Longest Day. This is the most ambitious and most improved of the new Close Combat releases.

As the Allies, you will carry out the world’s largest airborne operation, Operation Market Garden, to cross the Rhine and bring a swift end to the war or, as the Germans, use a hastily organized set of defense forces to prevent the Allies from reaching their ultimate goal, Arnhem Bridge. Close Combat – Last Stand Arnhem comes with expanded force pools, reserve & static battlegroups, a troop point buying system, ferry and assault crossings, destructible bridges, static forces and much more!  Also included in this rebuild are 60+ battles, operations and campaigns including a new enhanced Grand Campaign!

Platform: PC
Language: English
Genre: Tactical
Turns: Real-Time
Complexity: Basic
Period: World War II

Product Requirements :
OS: 2000/XP/Vista/7 (XP/Vista/7 rec.)
CPU: 400 MHz CPU (600 MHz or faster rec.)
RAM: 512 RAM (1 GB rec.)
Video/Graphics: 1 MB Video RAM (8MB rec.) DirectX 9 compatible and capable of 1024x768 resolution or higher
Sound: 16bit DirectX 9.0 compatible sound card
Hard disk space: 2.0 GB free

Watch Gameplay :

 Download ISO ( split files, Join with HJSplit ) :

sr-cclsa.iso.001 (51MB)               
sr-cclsa.iso.002 (51MB)               
sr-cclsa.iso.003 (51MB)               
sr-cclsa.iso.004 (51MB)               
sr-cclsa.iso.005 (51MB)                   
sr-cclsa.iso.006 (51MB)                
sr-cclsa.iso.007 (51MB)                
sr-cclsa.iso.008 (51MB)               
sr-cclsa.iso.010 (51MB)         


1. Join ISO split files with HJSplit
2. Mount ISO file with Daemon Tools Lite
3. Install
4. When asked for serial, just input something - DON'T LEAVE IT EMPTY!
5. Run Setup.exe form the SKIDROW folder on the DVD to update to latest version
   (type  anything you at the serial screen or just press next)
6. Play the game  

Close Combat 5 Mod: Battle Of Surabaya 1945

This Close Combat V mod covers the Battle of Surabaya. Roughly 20,000 Indonesian troops of the newly formed People's Security Army and over 100,000 militias defending the city of Surabaya against the 24,000 strong British 5th Indian Division and 6,000 men of 49th Brigade, 23rd Indian Division with tanks, naval, artillery and air support. The mod is an exhaustive remake of stock CC5. You will see all new graphics, hear new sounds, and experience a very different atmosphere. British Far East troops have been researched for historical accuracy, including British, Indian and Gurkha teams never before seen in the game. The Indonesian army and militia order of battle are comprised of almost entirely new units for CC5, and some of the teams are quite outlandish. You will see lot of weapons and equipment rarely seen in CC5, including exotic traditional weapons. We hope CC players will have a lot of fun playing a mod set in one of the forgotten exotic theaters at the tail end of WW2.

OS : Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT, Win7 

Watch Gameplay :

Source :
- CC5 Demo (59 MB)

To install Battle of Surabaya 1945 Demo:

1. Download the CC5 Demo, 

Install CC5 Demo, play the demo to make sure it works on your system.

2. Rename "[drive]:\Program Files\SSI\Invasion Normandy Demo" to "[drive]:\Program Files\SSI\Original - Invasion Normandy Demo".  Or you can also just delete the "Invasion Normandy Demo" folder.

3. Run the BoS45 Demo installer (BoS45DemoInstaller.msi), make sure your installation path is correct, the same as where you installed the CC5 Demo: "[drive]:\Program Files\SSI\Invasion Normandy Demo".

4. Play !! MERDEKA !!!

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